Can You Help Us Find A New Home…

The Woods Project has a lot of gear. What kind of gear? All the wilderness equipment necessary to take nearly 1000 underserved students and volunteers into the woods each year. Now this gear needs a new home!

steve warehouse 550

We recently learned that, due to circumstances beyond our control, The Woods Project will be losing its donated warehouse space at the end of the summer. Therefore, we are looking for another warehouse space to store our equipment. Most of our equipment is currently en route to our summer trip locations, so we’re hoping to find a new space for the equipment to go to when it returns to Houston in August.

Do you or someone you know have connections to a vacant warehouse space that meets the following criteria?

  • Centrally-located
  • Has a loading dock
  • Is between 500 sq ft and 1000 sq ft
  • Includes access to a larger area for occasional single-day use (gear inventory, gear pack, etc.)
  • Use of space is donated or extremely affordable
  • Climate-controlled (preferred but not essential)
  • Accessible on nights and weekends (preferred but not essential)

Let us know if you or someone you know might be able to help. Please send any information, thoughts, or ideas via email, phone, or smoke signal (but only in approved campfire areas) to:
Natalie Hausman-Weiss:, (205) 612-0773


Jessi Manley:, (816) 507-3661
The person who can help us with this will receive a gourmet lunch at their office delivered and served by
TWP staff!