The Woods Project is a nonprofit organization that prepares students for college and beyond by developing life and leadership skills through wilderness exploration and education. We achieve our goal through an after-school program, weekend outings and a 2-week summer trip. Our focus is on working with low-income students, and we partner with many different schools in the Houston area.

Since 2006, The Woods Project has been changing the lives of students throughout the Houston area. Most students return from our trips with a greater appreciation for the world around them and an increased motivation to succeed in life. Our trips are staffed by experienced leaders and we adhere to strict safety guidelines.

Please make sure your student follows the appropriate packing lists and read any other information you may have received from your child’s teacher. Also, please make sure we are aware of any medical issues or medications that your child may be taking. These are generally reported on the student application.

Our trips are staffed by staff of The Woods Project and volunteer leaders. All leaders go through an orientation, and there is always at least one leader with a Wilderness First Aid certification onsite. Teachers from every school also attend the trips and act as chaperones.

Students can participate in the after-school program and weekend programs at no cost. There is a cost associated with attending the summer program. For students on the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, the cost to the school for a student to attend the summer trip $675. Most of our schools offer fundraising opportunities to help offset or eliminate the cost, so the total amount you owe, if any, will depend on the school your child attends. If the financial commitment is a concern to you, please get in touch with your school’s TWP contact to explore fundraising or scholarship opportunities. If your child is not on the Free/Reduced Lunch program, please use our <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Contact Us</a> form for more information.

Our goals at The Woods Project are for your child to enjoy the outdoors, meet new people and develop stronger confidence and leadership skills. We find that these outcomes are best achieved unplugged and away from cell phones. We ask teachers to collect cell phones and other electronics at the beginning of the trip and return them to students at the end of the trip. Our leaders always carry phones in case of an emergency, and all parents are given an emergency line to call in case they need to get in touch with their child. We also do our best to post photos of the various groups on our Facebook page so you can see that your child is safe and enjoying the trip.

Weekend trips take place within about 120 miles of Houston. The summer trip takes place at different national parks and equivalent natural areas throughout the country, such as Yosemite National Park in California, Olympic National Park in Washington State, and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California.

The parents listed as the emergency contacts on a student’s application will be immediately contacted, and the appropriate protocols will be followed. Our groups are always accompanied by a leader certified in Wilderness First Aid who has also been trained in what to do in case of an emergency. If there is an emergency at home while your student is on the summer trip, please contact the emergency contact number provided to you.

Please ensure that your child brings any necessary medications with him or her on the trip and that he or she is aware of their allergies. Your child should also understand how to take the medication, as they will ultimately be the one responsible for taking it correctly. If your child is taking medication or has any allergies, please also make sure that it was listed on the medical portion of the student application form. All of our leaders do carry medical information about each child so that they are aware of any medications and allergies and so we can plan the food accordingly. If you are not sure that the correct information was listed on the student application, please use our Contact Us form to let us know about your child’s medications or allergies.

The Woods Project provides all of the food for the trip so we ask that you do not send any extra food or snacks. If your child has a specific food restriction or allergy, please make sure that was indicated on the medical portion of the student application so we can plan accordingly.

Please use our Contact Us form and also be sure to check out our Facebook for regular updates about our trips.