COVID-19 Policies & Procedures


This document was last edited 10/11/21 and will be updated regularly to reflect the latest conditions and CDC and local guidance.

The Woods Project weekend programming – small groups of  people in mostly outdoor settings with limited exposure to the general public – inherently allows for a “Covid-friendly” experience. Nonetheless, since the onset of COVID-19, additional modifications have been made based on expert opinions as well as current and continuing CDC guidelines.

Following is a list of the Non Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI’s) TWP is deploying in order to address health and safety concerns related to COVID-19:

Self-Quarantining: Self-quarantining is recommended for participants prior to participating in in-person programming.

Self-Reported Symptom Checks: Pre-activity symptom check required for each person attending TWP activity. This includes students, volunteers and teachers.

Temperature Checks: To be performed in conjunction with self-reported symptom checks.

Hand Washing: Prioritized before and after meals, before and after restroom usage, and prior to and after bedtime (if applicable).

Ventilation: Outdoor settings will be used whenever feasible. In circumstances where outdoor settings are not feasible, The Woods Project will secure indoor settings with adequate ventilation/airflow.

Virus Testing: Participants must be fully vaccinated and present no symptoms in order to attend TWP overnight programming. Virus testing may be required prior to daytime and/or overnight programming.

Social Distancing: 3 ft minimum with universal masks; 6 ft minimum for mask-off activities.

Mask Wearing: Masks should be worn by all participants and leaders during all TWP-sanctioned events/activities.

Circumstances may arise in which brief, momentary, non-compliance with the masking and social distancing protocols is necessary or unavoidable. In such situations the task or activity at hand should be completed as quickly a reasonably possible and full compliance with the protocols resumed.

Food Service: Will be modified to ensure that each participant is handling their own food. Students will not be able to use their hands to touch communal food.

Hand Washing/Sanitizing

Students and leaders should wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. When hand washing isn’t available, sanitizer (70% ABV or higher) will be available and provided. Proper hand washing training will be added to TWP leader training. Hand sanitizers will be available in all common spaces.

Bathrooms and Shared Public Spaces

All public bathrooms and common spaces require universal mask usage. TWP leaders will monitor bathrooms to ensure that appropriate physical distancing measures are adhered to.


Participants must thoroughly wash/sanitize hands before and after all meals. Meals should be consumed in outdoor settings.  If an outdoor setting is not feasible, an indoor location with adequate airflow (open windows) may be used. Participants who are dining indoors will  be asked to sit a minimum of 3 ft apart and face the same direction rather than facing each other. While indoors, masks may be removed for eating and drinking only when individuals are separated by an acceptable distance. Mask usage is required anytime a student or leader has
left their table (bathroom use, seconds, etc.) TWP will avoid using foods that require communal touching of ingredients unless items are presented in a way that allows for students to only ‘touch what they take’.

Health Screening Questions

Participants will complete a verbal health screening prior to participating in any TWP weekend activity. Any concerning responses will be brought to the attention of a member of The Woods Project staff who will further investigate. Testing may be required to confirm negative COVID status.

If participants or leaders answer Yes to any question, they will be unable to participate until TWP staff determine best way to proceed.


First Name:

Last Name:




Have you had any of the following feelings in the past 24 hours:

             Fever – 100.4 or above



             Muscle or Body Aches

             Shortness of Breath (difficulty breathing doing normal activities)


             Fatigue (more tired than normal)

             New loss of Taste or Smell

             Sore Throat

             Congestion (stopped-up nose) or Runny Nose

             Nausea or Vomiting



Have you taken any fever reducers in the last 24 hours such as: Acetaminophen (Tylenol), or a NSAID such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen?