NEW! Junior Leaders Program

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The Woods Project is excited to announce the debut of the Junior Leaders Program, a special year-long leadership development opportunity for alumni of our summer program that concludes with a 2-week sea-kayaking trip to the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. 

This past school year, TWP piloted a new initiative specifically designed for our alumni, or students who have participated in at least one TWP summer experience. Alumni who were identified by their teachers as showing strong leadership potential were chosen to participate in a 2-week leadership development and sea-kayaking trip in the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. This year we’ve decided to extend our leadership development initiative to a year-long program, combining our school year Junior Advisory Board with our summer Apostle Islands trip to make the Junior Leaders Program.

During the school year, 40 students will have the opportunity to participate in various training sessions designed to further students’ leadership capabilities while helping each student discover his/her own leadership style. These training sessions will include various activities designed to enhance students’ communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills, among other key character traits.

Of the 40 students, 30 will be chosen to attend the Apostle Islands trip, where students will spend 9 days in the front country hiking, sea kayaking, and developing their leadership skills, and then spend 5 days in the back country island-hopping in tandem sea kayaks. They will also participate in team building exercises and attend an Outdoor Career Academy where they will be exposed to and learn about a variety of outdoor careers and participate in interpretive sessions with National Park rangers and other outdoor wilderness professionals. Student participants will manage and lead all aspects of the wilderness experience and will be assigned camp duties and chores from cooking and cleaning to leading hikes. They will also receive paddling orientation and safety instruction, participate in wilderness training, explore sea caves, cedar and old growth forests, experience wildlife in the region and hike to waterfalls rarely seen.

To be eligible to participate in the Junior Leaders Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have successfully attended at least one summer program with TWP (current 12th graders are welcome to apply)
  • Have a strong interest in leadership development
  • Have an open mind and be interested in exploring new ideas and places
  • Have demonstrated leadership skills in past TWP trips
  • Demonstrate a strong behavioral record in your classes
  • Be mature, responsible, and willing to work with others
  • Be in good physical shape and able to engage in strenuous physical activity
  • Proficiency in swimming is not required, but applicants must be comfortable with being on, near, or in water for several hours at a time

To apply for the Junior Leaders Program, please click here! 

Applications are due Friday, DECEMBER 22!

Questions? Contact Brittany White, Assistant Director, at or call (630) 709-8026.